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Authentic Active Learning Activities Are Ill-Defined

Authentic Active Learning Activities Are Ill-Defined

Authentic Active Learning Activities Are Ill-Defined

In their early school years students are often given problems that have clearly correct answers. But even during the primary school years children can begin to tackle more challenging tasks. Authentic Active Learning activities are ill-defined. This is true in two ways. First, the problem posed, or project to be completed, may not have a clear definition. Some work may be required in order to articulate what exactly is to be accomplished.

For example, “Write a 500 word biography of Marie Curie highlighting her accomplishments in Physics” requires little thinking about the nature of the task. On the other hand, this question is more ambiguous: [/column]“Some governments argue that there is an increased need for surveillance of public communication. Others take the view that this activity violates civil rights. Take a stand on this issue and make a compelling case for it.” (more…)

Designing Active Learning Activities

Designing Active Learning activities offers enormous possibilities for personal innovation and invention. Here is a chance to create something really new, and highly effective. The list of possible Active Learning activities is infinite! So be daring and have some fun. Don’t wait for someone to invent your Active Learning¬†lessons. The following discussion is intended to help you build your own Active Learning activities.

Examine the following chart and think of it as an anatomical model of an Active Learning activity. It has, potentially, three parts, but at least two. Let’s also keep in mind that Active Learning activities can lie between simple and complex. This model can apply to even the simplest activities, such as a spontaneous in-class think-pair-share, but it is more valuable¬†when you are designing Active Learning activities which are larger.