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Active Learning Strategies

Active Learning Strategies (Furniture by Steelcase, Trium, Montreal)

Active Learning Strategies (Furniture by Steelcase, Trium, Montreal)

A Google search returns nearly two hundred million references for Active Learning. While there are still many questions about Active Learning, teachers at all levels, K-12, college, and university, are now thinking about whether they want to have an Active Learning classroom.

An Active Learning classroom can be a special space designed to support Active Learning activities but more importantly it is a place where students are active learners. The Active Learning strategies are the key to improved learning experiences for your students. The Active Learning classroom supports the collaborative activities you have designed for them.

Why Active Learning?

The studies of Bonwell and Eison show that students prefer Active Learning  strategies to traditional lectures and that Active Learning strategies are superior to lectures in promoting the development of students’ thinking and writing skills. In addition, there are indications that, for a significant number of students, pedagogical techniques other than lecturing work better. Active Learners experience deeper and longer-lasting understanding because they cognitively engage with whatever they are studying: they learn by doing and thinking about what they are doing.

Active Learners are offered a wider range of cognitive experiences. In lectures students are challenged to remember and to understand. Active Learners, on the other hand, can attempt to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create, moving to the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Becoming an Active Learning teacher is therefore one of the main challenges facing educators at all levels and in all types of education.

The Shift

In the traditional view teaching (more…)